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Kim Kardashian Play Boy Magazine

Kim Kardashian posed for the Play Boy Magazine in 2007. According to the source, she was an ideal model for the Play Boy Magazine. She appeared on the cover of the Play Boy magazine not wearing any clothes except for a pink negligee. She is also wearing an ornamental necklace. The unreleased photos are published on the internet.

Kim Kardashian Play Boy Magazine Draped in Sheets and Jewelry

A weekly magazine said that Kim Kardashian had signed a contract to appear on the cover of the Playboy magazine. Kim Kardashian will be covered with sheets and jewelry. The pictures will also appear in the E! reality show. There is about 12 page of Kim Kardashian pictures in the Play Boy magaainze. It will be the longest spreads of pictures just like what Hugh Hefner had done for Play Boy magazine. Both Kim Kardashian and Hugh Hefner decided on the photos to display for the Play Boy magazine that will be released on 20th September 2008.

Kim Kardashian Promote Her Play Boy Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian attended the Play Boy party to promote her front page cover on the Play Boy magazine. Kim Kardashian states that she won't made the same mistake like her friend do. She said she won't get involved in binge drinking like her friend Paris Hilton. If she saw her friend, Paris Hilton drinks, she would advise her not do so.

Kim Kardashian Don't Want to Appear on Play Boy Magazine

Kim Kardashian who appeared in the cover of Play Boy Magazine said she don't want to pose nude again. Kim Kardashian's posing appeared on the Play Boy Centerfold. She used to date the football star Reggie Bush. She said that she is the reason why Reggie Bush play his football game at this best even though she is not present at the stadium. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Mel B wants to pose nude in the Play Boy Magazine. Mel B stated that she was turned down twice but she is still determine to get that contract with Play Boy Magazine. She told the reporter that Play Boy Magazine had sent her a offer in early 2007 and a few months ago. However, she will accept the offer if Play Boy Magazine sent her another offer.

Kim Kardashian Regrets Posing for Play Boy Magazine

Kim Kardashian said that she regretted that she pose for the Playboy magazine. According to Kim Kardashian, her mother is the one who encourage her to pose for the magazine. She posed for playboy magazine about 3 years ago and said she had regretted doing so during an interview with Harper's Bazaar. She said she felt uncomfortable while performing the pose for the playboy magazine.

Kim Kardashian Push the Blame to Her Mother for Play Boy Magazine

When the reporter asked her why she posed for the magazine, she said it was her mother's ide. Her mother had told her to pose in the Play Boy Magazine so that she can become famous. Her mother said because it could be the only one chance that the magazine will offer her. Kim doesn't want to miss this offer so she accepted it and posed for the Play Boy magazine. Her mother encouraged her to do so because their reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" is not aired on the television yet at that time. Her mother, Kris Jenner keep pushing her to pose for the Play Boy magazine by using all sorts of excuses until she finally agreed to do so. Kim's mother told her that she just have to pose for Play Boy magazine for one time and nobody know who she is. Her mother also said that if she posed for the Kim kardashian playboy magazine, she will have beautiful picture to look back when she grows older.

Kim Kardashian