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Kim Kardashian Body Shape

Kim Kardashian body shape height is not too tall. She has a height 5 feet 3 inches. She always wear a size 27 jeans. However, her waist measurement is in between 26 – 39. She had a small body shape. Her body have curves. When you watch Kim Kardashian in the television, you might think that she has a big body size. In reality, she is short and has a petite body. Many people also has misconception regarding her weight. According to Kim Kardashian, she has a weight of about 120 lbs. Many people are shocked to learn that Kim weight more than 120 lbs since she looks slim.

Kim Kardashian Body Shape Height and High Heel Shoe

She always wanted to increase her height. She ca n be seen wearing high heel shoes regularly. The high heel footwear is stylish. She was at Santa Monica to sign for the body shape magazine. While she was at Santa Monica, she stepped out in a high heel stilettos which significantly increases her height. The stiletto has a heel height of six inch. The stiletto features black leather straps. There are also some silver details on the stiletto. She was there to sign the Sign magazine because the cover features her this month. She had been opened her hatred for her big breast which began growing when 10 years old. She said she used to cry in the bathtub about her big bust body shape. According to her, she always took a hot washcloth and place it on her chest and prayed to ask God not to make them grow larger. She doesn't want her breast to grow larger because of the embarrassment it gives her. She also said that she is the first girl in her class to wear bra at the age of 10 years old.

Kim Kardashian Body Shape, Talks about her Height and Weight

Kim Kardashian said that each of us has a different body shape height and weight. She told the reporter that she has "skinny chicken legs" so that she needs to wear a smaller jeans that matches with the size of her legs. She has a slim waist. Her waist measurement is smaller than 27. Therefore, she always go to the tailor to have her dress made according to her waist size. She can be seen wearing stretched jeans all the time. Normally, Kim Kardashian would wear branded jeans such as Serfonative and JBrand. The Serfonative and JBrand jeans allow Kim to fit into the a size 26. Though she is looks a lot smaller, many people assume she has a big body shape on the television. Most people are surprised to find out when they meet her in person.

Kim Kardashian Body Shape Height and her Stylist

Due to Kim Kardashian body shape short height, stylists had want to bring her to a size 6 or 8. Her sister, Kourtney has a size of 23 and 24. Kim said even though she and her sister are from the same family, she has a larger waistline than theirs. Therefore, everyone has a different body shape that they should be proud of.

Kim Kardashian Body Shape Conclusion

Kim inform the public that he has a BMI of 21.4, which is a healthy range for woman. The healthy body mass index for women is in between 18.5 – 25. The statistics are quite confusing since it is impossible for her body size to fit in size 27 jeans when she is 120". She doesn't seem to be muscular body shape. She has a short size and big buttocks.

People Comments about Kim Kardashian Body Shape

Many people claimed that Kim Kardashian cannot be small because she looks larger in the television. She filmed a video of herself called "See, I told you!" and publish it onher blog. The video shows her trying 3 different pairs of jeans. Two of the jeans are size 26 while the third one has a size of 26. Though the jean is tight body shape, she manage to fit in them.

Kim Kardashian